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Stewardship of Evangelization

"Ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest" (Lk. 10:2)

When the Lord sent out the 72 disciples (men and women) he called them to join in the work and mission of the 12 Apostles to preach the Gospel and to heal.   This work of the baptized is part of our Vocation as Christians to spread the message of Jesus Christ with zeal and enthusiasm.   We are responsible to give ourselves to this work everyday.   We are especially called to reach out to our Catholic brothers and sisters who have grown lax, complacent, lapsed in their faith or even rejected it.   Often due to pains and hurts either exprienced in their lives or because of failures of the clergy or lay leaders. 

We are called to "evangelize the culture" by bearing witness to our faith.

How do we evangelize the culture, our community, families and friends?

  1. By striving everyday to live out our faith with fidelity and obedience.   By attending Mass faithfully on Sundays, regular confession, and deeping and growing prayer life.  By witnessing to the sanctity of Human Life (through a passionate defense of life in the womb, rejection of the contraceptive culture, and men and women of peace and justice), and by bearing witness to the sanctity of Marriage (between one man and one woman).
  2. By demanding truth and honesty and striving everyday to be truthful and honest.  By demanding that we speak to each other with honor and respect and rejecting the language of the culture that is vulgar, abusive and demeaning of human life.
  3. By keeping in tack priorities of our life making sure God comes first followed by the family.


  1. Reaching out in friendship to those who have lost their faith or no longer practice their faith, inviting them to Church, to pray, to discuss with you the faith.
  2. Assisting as Catechists in the Church to teach and bear witness to the faith to young people in the parish.
  3. Working with those seeking to become new Catholics in the RCIA program.
  4. Become involved in various apostolates and ministries of the Church.
  5. Be active in promoting Catholic values in the public sphere and society through promotion of:
    1. Human Life (bearing witness to the dignity of Human Life from conception until natural death)
    2. Family Life (supporting and promoting strong family values)
    3. Marriage (promoting and defending Marriage as between one man and one woman only for life)
    4. Religious Freedom (demaning from our government and lawmakers the right to worship without government interference)



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Stewardship Committee

Paulette Guajardo, Chair
Deacon Loni Lugo
Delfa Lugo
Deacon Julio Dimas
Rachel Dimas
Mike Cleary

Eloy Perez
Sylvia Perez
Andie Medina
Jaime Arredondo
Eddie Bernardo
Luz Bernardo

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