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Welcome to our Parish!
Please feel free to stop by and make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and stop by the office to meet our parish priest, deacons, youth staff and office staff.

Welcome to Military Families!
So many of our parishioners are military families assigned to the Corpus Christi area.  If you seek marriage or baptism, we want to accomidate our brave men and women serving in the U.S. Military.  Please feel free to stop by and visit us. We are proud to serve the men and women in our country's uniform and we pray and honor them, their families, and all veterans.  

Welcome to Winter Texans!
Many of our friends come from northern states where the weather drives them to warmer climates.   As the city and surrounding area is a welcoming place for many retirees who enjoy the Texas Gulf Coast, we at St. John's are proud to welcome you as winter parishioners.   We hope you feel welcomed to join us.  If you reside in our parish even for part of the year we are glad to serve you as well.  Consider yourself parishioners of St. John the Baptist while you are here.  Please inform us of any needs you may have.

Haven't Been to Church in while?
Even if it has been many years since you have been to Church, we want you to feel welcomed at our parish.   Stop by, visit us, learn more and hopefully you'll feel right at home.  Don't feel like you don't belong, we are all children of God, all needing God's mercy and grace.  No one is too good or too fallen away to belong to our community. 

How to Register
Stop by the office and pick up a form or register here to do so online.   This information helps us meet the needs of our parish families with Religious Education for youth, homebound visits, and give you the opportunity to sign up for the various ministries of our young and growing parish.

How to Volunteer
There are many opportunites to help at St. John the Baptist.  Visit our Volunteer page to find out how.   We welcome everyone who wants to be a part of our parish family and will work together to help build up our community.   Working and volunteering at the Church is a wonderful way to express our service, our talents, our gifts and give of ourselves to God and his Holy Church. 

How do I register my child/children for Religious Education/Youth Ministry?
How do I baptize my child?
What do we need to do to get married?
How do I go about receiving Sacraments as an Adult?

How do I make an appointment with the Pastor?
Simply call our office and schedule an appointment with our parish secretary or receptionists.   361.991.4400

We invite you to explore our website and call us or come by if you have questions.

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  We are growing Catholic parish that many families of all ages and various backgrounds are building together.  We have a deep love for God, His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Most Blessed Mother, Our Lady.   We are faithful to the Holy Church founded by the Lord Jesus on the faith and witness of the Apostles Peter and Paul.  We wish to invite you to join us as we build up the Kingdom of God in our neighborhood, a family friendly atmosphere and a true House of Prayer.   

Fr. Rodolfo D. Vásquez








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