Blessed Virgin Mary

“O luminous woman, I see the ember glow surrounding you.”  With these mysterious words, St. Romanos the Melodist began his hymn contemplating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the commemoration on September 8 which dates back to the earliest days of the Church.   The woman of light, by which the Author of Grace made his entrance into human history, shines as a truly remarkable creation of God.   Indeed it can be said of Mary that she is God’s masterpiece, his greatest creation which reflects the resplendent light of her purity and sinlessness.   She is greater than any distant solar system or star, more beautiful than the seas and more majestic than the mountains, truly Mary’s beauty shines as a testament of God’s infinite goodness and love for us.         

Contemplating the Blessed Mother’s birthday brings joy to the children of the Church.   To celebrate her birthday I would like to consecrate our parish to the protection of Mary.   Only under the guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary will we be able to discover the true path to holiness which is the path to Jesus Christ.   In a few short days we will enthrone the image of Our Lady of Schonestatt, a local devotion to the maternal love of Mary.    Important for our spiritual growth is a true devotion to Mary.   Consecrate your lives, your family to her love.   She helps us to embrace the cross, she helps us to overcome our weaknesses, our failures.   She helps us to strive for purity and holiness.   I encourage you to pray the Rosary as often as you can.   Perhaps on your way to work, while you drive, perhaps while you perform your daily chores, maybe while exercising of even at night before going to bed.   The rosary is a powerful prayer of intercession.  

Saturdays are days devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, often times our Saturday morning Mass is a little lightly attended, probably because its our day to rest and sleep in.   Maybe a beautiful sacrifice would be for us to make it a point to attend Mass on that day.   Consider placing an image of the Blessed Mother in your home, maybe near your TV or computer to prevent us from using these means of communication and entertainment for perverse and evil actions.   Seek Mary’s intercession when sin and temptation are obstacles to your conversion and commitment to Christ.   When seeking Mary’s intercession always offer to her something in return.   Your generous gift to the Mother of the Lord does not go unnoticed by God.   As we celebrate Mary’s birthday it is a special joy for us as Christians to celebrate and honor her, but more importantly for us is to find within us that deep and burning desire to seek a more committed relationship with Jesus Christ her Son and our Lord. 

Fr. Vasquez


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