Convinced Discipleship

Meditation on Lk. 5: 1-11

Dear Friends,

Today's Gospel account (Lk. 5:1-11) of the miraculous catch of fish and the conversion of Simon Peter calls to mind an attribute of Christian Discipleship that must not be overlooked.    When the Lord Jesus approaches Simon Peter, he and his men have just returned from an unsucessful night of fishing.   The Lord asks Peter, "put out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch."  Here Simon Peter retrorts, "Master, we have been out all night and have caught nothing."   You can hear his frustration and his annoyance at the thought of returning to the sea at the request of a religious teacher, a Rabbi.   Something strange happens though, Simon as stubborn and slow to understand as he was is almost immediately able to return with an affirmative response of faith; "but at your command I will lower the nets."  How does this happen?   What made Simon Peter give in seemingly so quickly and easily?    Perhaps something about the penetrating gaze of Jesus Christ that reaches to the soul and softens the human heart.  

Simon Peter's response is one that he will make again, although after several weak moments and failures, he eventually will master this discipleship with conviction.    What Simon Peter will have shown through the course of his life is the response of a "convinced disicple".   He is convinced that he ought to trust the Lord.   He is convinced that the Lord will keep his promise.   This conviction allows him to be fully committed to the Lord.   Simon Peter will leave everything behind to follow the Lord.   He will surrender even his life.  

How about us?  As followers of the Lord Jesus, are we convinced?   Are we convinced that Jesus is who we say he is?  Are we convinced that we can trust him, truly?   Do we allow the Lord to be the master of our now and our future?   Are we willing to surrender it all, even our very life?   Are we convinced that the Lord will keep his promise? 

Unless we answer these questions in the affirmative, then we are holding back.   We are fully prepared to follow Jesus Christ, and therefore cannot be his follower.   "Put out into the deep", take a risk, venture out into deeper waters with the Lord Jesus.   We must be convinced that he means what he says and will fulfill all his promises.   If we are, then we know that heaven is prepared for those who are convinced. 

Fr. Vásquez

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