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Joseph the Righteous

Series on St. Joseph #1

To begin our preparation for men to entrust themselves to St. Joseph we offer this series of brief meditations on the virtues exemplified by our patron saint.

Joseph the Righteous
The Bible introduces us to Joseph, the betrothed of Mary the mother Jesus, describing him as “a righteous man” (Mt. 1:21).  In the tradition of the Old Testament the “righteous man” or the “just man” is a man faithful to God’s law, he is obedient and holds himself accountable to strict adherence to the commands of God, so much so that he “delights in the law of the Lord.” (Ps. 1:2).  He doesn’t complain or find God’s law intrusive of his freedom, but rather reveres God’s law, seeing in it, wisdom and true life.   The book of Job describes the righteous man as “blameless, “upright”, “one who fears God” and “turns away from evil.” (Job. 1:1)

Joseph is blameless, one who avoids sin and turns away from evil.  This characteristic of the righteous man is a sign of his integrity.   Like St. Joseph the Christian man is called to conquer his weaknesses, diligently working to overcome any sinful habits and tendencies.   Imitating St. Joseph, men are called to work hard to erase from their lives all forms of wickedness.   The Christian man overcomes his bad habits, he avoids becoming angry and easily agitated.  He grows daily in being charitable with his thoughts, with his words, and with his actions.   He overcomes his male pride and becomes meek.   Never does his dedication to growing in virtue make him weak and easily manipulated, but it makes him a man of true character and strength.   This constant vigilance of the Christian man helps him to become upright, living his life in the grace of God.

The Bible tells us that the righteous man is one that fears God.   St. Joseph teaches us to understand that the fear of God does not mean that we are frightened of God’s power.  Rather, that Joseph fears God, means that he has a profound reverence for God, a deep respect for the things of God, and is submissive to the commands of God.   Imitation of St. Joseph means that good Christian men love God and are ready to be of service to God.   As Christians, men are called to have a deep reverence for God’s name, never allowing themselves to use foul language especially with regards to God’s name.  Indeed, men are called to overcome their habit of cursing or useless speaking.   Men are called to be prudent in speech.   Wisdom teaches men to not always express their opinions nor always interjecting in conversation but reserving his comments for what is good and what is Godly.

As we begin our preparation to entrust ourselves to our great patron, we men promise to commit ourselves begin to adjust our lives to become the righteous man.   Our entrustment to St. Joseph is our willingness to begin to live the Christian way, learning to become a true man, a real man, modeled after the man of men.   St. Joseph, pillar of families, pray for us.

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