Letter to Parishioners

Stewardship of Treasure

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of the liturgical year it is that time again for us to recommit to our parish financially through this year’s Stewardship of Treasure campaign.   During the next few weeks I am asking you to pray and carefully consider your Sunday tithe to the Church.     

Why is tithing important?   We must not consider tithing as simply needed for the Church to pay her bills.   Tithing isn’t about building a new church and it has nothing to do with receiving a tax credit.   Tithing is an act of faith, a demonstration and measure of our trust and submission to God.  Tithing is also an act of gratitude to God, a recognition that all has been given to us by God and we return to him a portion in thanksgiving.    Tithing is a vital part of the Christian faith for it calls us to put our money where our faith is.   Tithing means giving 10% of our income in the name of the Lord to the works of the church, the poor, and those who suffer and need our compassion.    As tithers we do not give to the Lord our “leftovers” or “pocket change”, but take time and consider our gift to God.   

Please prayerfully consider your financial gift as you would a personal gift to relatives or friends, we often take time and plan our gift.   We think of what the gift says about our love for them, we think of what it says about how much we appreciate them, we think of what the gift means and we seek to please those who we give the gift to.   Our gifts to the Church are gifts to God, for the Church must be about preaching the Gospel, serving the Lord Jesus.   It is my responsibility as your pastor to make sure that the resources of the parish are being used properly and responsibly and always for the work of the kingdom of God.  

Our gifts are to be sacrificial; they require us to make an offering for the sake of the works of God.   Perhaps all it means is one less dinner out or one less trip to the mall or our favorite store, sometimes it means a greater sacrifice from us, but we do it for love of the Lord and his Church.  

The reality is that the Church depends on the generosity of the people of God.   In a few weeks I will share with you our financial position for I believe it is important to be transparent with you.   I hope you see not only the growth but the continual support of parishioners like you.   Please accept my personal gratitude for what all of you do, each in their own way for the good of our parish.

As always we encourage you to use the envelopes we provide or make your contributions online (a convenience we have provided for you on our website, www.sjbcctx.org).    Again thank you for your generous support of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.    May the Lord reward you and fill you with countless graces and blessings.   Thank you for making St. John’s your home.   Together we give our gifts of gratitude to the God who saves us, loves us, and gives us so much.

Yours in the Lord,

Fr. Rodolfo D. Vásquez

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