Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Fr. Rodolfo D. Vasquez


O God, Father of Justice and Peace we commend to your merciful love the peril of our Christian brothers and sisters who are tormented by wicked and evil men whose ruthlessness has claimed so many innocent lives. Their injustice, blasphemously attributed to your name, has corrupted true religion and violated peace. Let your Divine Justice be done to restore peace in our troubled times. Convert the hearts of those who are obsessed with hate and have chosen evil filling them instead with love and peace.

Send forth you Consoler Spirit upon those children of yours who bear the name of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. These, our dear brothers and sisters, men, women and children who bear the seal of Christ upon their souls are victims of evil. Console the families who mourn the loss of their loved ones, strengthen the faith of those who must endure such cruelty, and grant the crown of righteousness to those who heroically offer their lives as a sacrifice for the truth. In this time of war and violence, dear Lord we beg us to grant peace and tranquility. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Victory, Mary most holy, may we soon be freed from this affliction so that your sons and daughters may continue to spread the message of love, truth and peace.


Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us
Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us
St. John the Baptist, pray for us
St. James the Apostle, pray for us
St. Bernard of Clairvaux, pray for us
St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us
St. Peter Mavimenus, pray for us
St. John Damascene
Martyrs of Cordoba (murdered by Islamic Jihadists ca. 851 A.D.) 
St. Habenitus, St. Jeremiah, St. Peter, St Sabinian, St. Walabonsus, St. Wistremundus, St. Aurelius, St. Felix, St. George, St. Liliosa, and St. Natalia, pray for us



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