Stewardship Letter to Parishioners 2016

January 5, 2016 (Memorial of St. John Neumann)

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

St. John the Baptist is entering its 14th year since its founding in 2003 and we have grown to be a vibrant parish community already reaching over 1,000 registered families.     Our parish serves the far south side of Corpus Christi with our boundaries reaching into new developments and more to come.    We are already known for our fidelity to the Church, our charitable works, our friendly and welcoming parishioners, our beautiful liturgical celebrations and devotions, our robust youth programs, and even our parish festival.  We have faithfully served families within our neighborhood, by ministering to sick and homebound, building means of family growth and fellowship, and making our parish a place where our military service members feel welcomed, honored and at home.  

I want to personally thank you for your generous contributions, volunteer hours, support and prayers for all that we do at St. John’s.    With the continued growth in our neighborhood we must plan for the needs of our future.   To begin to meet these needs we are planning Phase I of our building project scheduled to start later this year.    Our new building will feature classrooms, office space, parish hall/youth center, and meeting rooms.   In addition our New Parish Activity Center will allow us to double our current parking lot and make room for further expansion and development.   

We need to work together to make our plans a reality.   We rely solely on your support and need your help so as to continue to plan and make a reality our future growth.     Every year we ask you to prayerfully consider your weekly (or monthly) contributions to St. John’s.     We have included this commitment card for your use.   The information on this card is to help you and to assist us in planning and budgeting.   This information is confidential and used only to help our financial plans.   

On the weekend of January 30-31, 2016 we will celebrate Stewardship Commitment Sunday in which we will offer our pledge cards as our commitment to the Lord.    Please remember to either use your envelopes that you receive each month or set up your contributions online by visiting our website and making your commitment and pledge there.    

As always I encourage you to try to reach your monthly tithe (which according to Sacred Scripture is 10% of our income).    If this is a big challenge then consider a modest increase this year to your weekly contribution.    If every one of us did our part to help our parish growth we can do great things together.  

Thank you for your generosity, your kind support and for your commitment to St. John the Baptist parish.   May the Lord reward you for your goodness to his Church.

Yours in the Lord Jesus,

Fr. Rodolfo D. Vasquez, Pastor



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