Thank You Letter for Parish Festival

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

This week I will be away on a special assignment but will return within a few days.   I did want to express to all you my gratitude for the past few months so many of you have spent countless hours and volunteer time helping to put together our parish festival and make it an overwhelming success.   I have seen the cooperation of so many of our parishioners beginning with the Festival Committee who spent many weeks of planning and organizing, to our parish staff who handled sales, ordering and so many details, the organizations who have worked really hard to make sure the booths and games were taken care of and to all of you for selling raffle tickets, buying t-shirts, spreading the word about our festival.  I especially want to thank all the sponsors whose support was crucial to our success. 

I said to you before but this is the first time I have experience such wonderful cooperation from the entire parish family to all of your I express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude.   I hope that you enjoyed our first annual Family Festival which I hope will become a tradition in our parish.  As you know all of us are working hard to reach our goal of building up our parish community and achieve our dream of a new church.   But events such as our church festival are also wonderful opportunities for a parish to grow in fellowship and enjoy a day together in good family fun.   This was our first festival and we will be evaluating every aspect of it to make next years an even more family oriented church festival.    Later this month we will make a final report on the profit made and update our church debt.   Once again thank you.

As we approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays I encourage you to make time in your holiday plans to join us for the various celebrations we will have coming up.   For Thanksgiving we will celebrate 3 Masses, one the night before and two the morning of Thanksgiving.   At the end of the month we will welcome in the new translations of the Roman Missal (the New Mass) as Advent begins.   Also for the Season of Advent, Dr. Anderson and I will team teach the Christmas Carols classes on Wednesday nights, all families are invited to attend.   In December the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (a Holy Day of Obligation) will also be up and coming as well as December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a special Mass in Spanish at 6:00 am.    

With so much coming up I ask for your patience and prayers as together we celebrate the holidays approaching and commemorate the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ.   I ask you especially for  your prayers as I travel on this assignment.   I will remember all of you especially in my prayers especially grateful to God for your commitment and help.   God Bless you all. 

In the Lord Jesus,
Fr. Vasquez



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