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5th Annual 40 Hours Devotion March 14-16, 2018

Online Giving

Dear Parishioners,

Our parish is offering a convenient service for contributions!

Online Giving is a web-based application that allows you to start, stop and change your contributions at any time. This also helps the parish streamline our cash flow, especially during bad weather or vacation times.

Online Giving is safe and secure and allows parishioners to log in online to make their contributions, since so many of us no longer carry checks or check books, this makes it easier to support your parish.  Remember, contributions are tax deductible and you would be able to print out a tax record at the end of each year.    

Please notice that our offering envelopes now have a check box which indicates “I’ve given online”, which you can use to present during offertory at Mass.

Join the over 50 families who currently use online giving.  If you haven’t already we encourage you to go to our website at and select Online Giving.


Thank you for your generous support of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.



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Online Giving

Online Giving

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